Teddy Bears

Teddy Bears

The teddy bear has long been adored by children and adults alike, and is an essential toy for any child's toy box. We offer a wide selection of cute and cuddly bears to hug and love, with collectable bears from famous brands and 'My First' teddies make a special baby gift to commemorate the birth of newborn baby girls and boys. These special toys are squished, squeezed, cuddled and a best friend throughout childhood and will often retain their sentimental value into adulthood and never be forgotten.

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  1. The teddy bear comforter blanket is ultra soft for baby and is made of 100% cotton double muslin fabric with embroidered features in a shade of honey mustard and is the perfect bear cuddle companion to comfort your little one.
    Nordic Kids Bear Comfort Soother 100% Cotton Double Muslin Security Blanket
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  2. Grey koala bear plush beanie sits in a eucalyptus leaf pouch and is perfect for anyone that loves these Australian animals.
    Koala & Eucalyptus Leaf Plush Toy
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  3. There's a bear in there! ...it's Big Ted from Play School.
    Big Ted Beanie
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  4. There's a bear in there! ...it's Little Ted from Play School.
    Little Ted Beanie
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  5. Paddington Bear Classic Plush Toy with Red Hat & Boots Blue Duffel Coat & Suitcase Large
    Paddington Bear Classic Plush Toy with Red Hat & Boots Blue Duffel Coat & Suitcase Large
    Out of stock
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About Teddy Bears

A teddy bear is often a child's first companion, a soft toy in the form of a bear. Originally designed early in the 20th century, by toymakers Morris Michtom in the United States and Richard Steiff in Germany, the creation was named after President Theodore 'Teddy' Roosevelt.

Throughout the years, the teddy has transformed immensely and come in many shapes, styles, colors, sizes and is made from wide variety of materials from, synthetic fur, denim and velour fabric.

The bears are often inspired by real animals from polar bears to grizzly bears and pandas. Early teddies looked a lot like real bears with big beady eyes and long noses, while modern teddies have large eyes and smaller noses.

The fluff, fur and cute face is more than just a teddy bear to babies and young children. Research has shown that during the unavoidable separation of mother and baby, the teddy bear becomes a transitional object that reminds the child of their mother and offers support and comfort when needed. The humble bear helps to build the self confidence of the the child, and ease stress and overcome fear and anxiety.

Teddies that have frequently appeared in popular culture, with Christopher Robin's teddy bear, Winnie the Pooh by author A. A. Milne, Paddington Bear, Teddy Ruxpin, the Care Bears and the Forever Friends bears, just to name a few. Today the most popular brands that manufacture modern bears are GUND and Ty Inc.

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