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The Wiggles: Toys & Games of Emma, Lachy, Anthony & Simon

The Wiggles

Emma, Simon, Lachlan and Anthony are the Wiggles, the popular music group from Australia, entertaining young children around the world with catchy lyrics and dance moves. Together with Dorothy the Dinosaur, Captain Feathersword, Henry the Octopus and Wags the Dog, they sing, dance, play games, learn and have lots of Wiggly fun in their television series, songs and shows touring the world. Explore the singing and dancing Wiggly world of soft toys, musical instruments, dolls, figures, costumes and games available at Funstra.

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Emma Wiggle Doll
Cutlery Set
Wiggles Dolls
Dinner Set
Dress Up Emma
Wiggles Lunchbox
Training Cup
Wiggles Plate
Wiggles Bowl and Spoon
Anthony Dress Up Costume

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Lachy Dress Up Costume

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Lunch Bag

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Emma Handbag

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A Guide to The Wiggles

The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group that have entertained children around the world with their funky dance moves and catchy songs. It all started with the original band members - Greg Page, Anthony Field, Murray Cook and Jeff Fatt. Now the newest members of the band are still identified by their colourful skivvies, with Emma Watkins in yellow, Simon Pryce in red, Lachlan Gillespie in purple and Anthony Field in blue.

The award winning children's entertainment group has received many awards for their CDs, DVDs, music albums and live concerts around the globe, with hits "Hot Potato", "Wake Up Jeff", "Can You (Point Your Finger and Do the Twist)" and "Big Red Car", are just a few of their musical accomplishments.

Meet the Characters
Wags the Dog
Dorothy the Dinosaur
Henry the Octopus
Captain Featherwsword
Get Ready to Wiggle and Watch the Show
Watch more videos on YouTube
Toys to Wiggle and Learn

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony, along with supporting characters Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword have been educating children with their musical instruments and performances, using the art of song, stories and play in their television series, music and shows.

Singing, dancing and playing instruments stimulates your child's creativity and imagination. Through interactive toys, such as musical toys and instruments like the guitar, keyboard and drum set, children can develop physical, mental and fine motor skills. The catchy and repetitive lyrics and melodies assist in developing your child's language skills, pronunciation, memory and allow children to connect music with emotions. Listening to Wiggles songs, and singing, dancing and playing instruments provide great learning opportunities for children that is both fun and educational.


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Little Wigglers that can’t get enough of the Australian children’s music group will love our compilation of the best videos on YouTube. Join Emma, Lachy, Simon, Anthony, Captain Feathersword, Dorothy the Dinosaur, Wags the Dog and Henry the Octopus as they sing, dance and learn together. Nursery Rhymes Emma, Anthony,… READ MORE